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  • 30 Minute Strategy Consultation

    Jill and Hunter founded Keep It Simple Zero Waste in 2020. Against all odds, they were able to thrive in a time when business was at an all time low. In 2 years Keep It Simple Zero Waste grew to open 3 locations in some of the most desirable real estate areas in the world. Through thousands of hours of work and costly mistakes they have come out with a deep and enriched understanding of how to properly execute the Zero Waste Store model. They have invested hundreds of thousands into making what Keep It Simple is today and are continually evolving with the changing markets. Whether you decide to learn here or on your own we are thrilled for the future of Zero Waste Stores.



  • Honolulu's Zero Waste Store | Keep it Simple

    Shop with us! SHOP NOW Explore our Zero Waste Favorites! Shop our collection of low waste products to help you live more sustainably! Shop Now 20,000 bottles and counting Read more about who we are and why we do what we do! Learn More Waikiki Location 227 Lewers St. R-103 Honolulu Hawaii, 96815 Free Kama'aina parking at Embassy Hotel valet from 10 - 3pm with purchase ​ Open daily from 9am - 9pm Kaimuki Location 3571 Waialae Ave Suite 102A Honolulu, Hawaii 96816 First 20 minutes are free $0.75 per hour after. in back parking lot. (No entrance from back) Meter parking available on Waialae. ​ Open daily from 11am - 6pm Kapolei Location 91-5431 Kapolei Pkwy #315 Kapolei, HI 96707 Monday - Saturday 10am - 9pm ​ Sunday 10am - 6pm How does it work? We provide a way to shop without having to pay for additional package. Weigh your container and only pay for the contents inside. Learn More

  • Keep it Simple Honolulu

    Featured Products Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract Powder Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract Powder $30.00 Bamboo Brush Bamboo Brush $15.00 Aloha Chopsticks Aloha Chopsticks $5.00 Sold out Bamboo Toothbrush Bamboo Toothbrush $4.50 Bamboo Stickers Bamboo Stickers $5.00 Body oil Body oil $20.00 Toilet tabs Toilet tabs $20.00 Blush Blush $20.00 Hale Plume Candles Hale Plume Candles $26.00 Oribe Tea Oribe Tea $12.00 Cloth Sponge Cloth Sponge $12.00 Mouthwash Tabs Mouthwash Tabs $11.00 Salt Water Buddha Salt Water Buddha $13.00 Tai Swim Kylie Shorts Tai Swim Kylie Shorts $88.00 Gift card Gift card $25.00 Ao Organics Kane Exfoliating Cleanser Ao Organics Kane Exfoliating Cleanser $30.00 Ao Organics 'Iliwai Hydration Serum Ao Organics 'Iliwai Hydration Serum $50.00 All Bath & Beauty Bath & Beauty Apparel Apparel Bulk Refills Bulk Refills Kitchen Kitchen Laundry Laundry Gift Ideas Gift Ideas Shave Soap Shave Soap $10.00 Sold out Eyebrow Razor Eyebrow Razor $12.00 Eco-Sponge Eco-Sponge $4.00 Laundry Stain Stick Laundry Stain Stick $7.00 Dish Brush- Long Handle Dish Brush- Long Handle $9.50 Last swab Last swab $12.00 Silicone Baking Mat Silicone Baking Mat $20.00 Cute Dryer Balls Cute Dryer Balls $6.50 Toothbrush Case Toothbrush Case $8.50 Konjac Sponge Konjac Sponge $10.00 Bamboo Brush Bamboo Brush $15.00 Pot Scraper Pot Scraper $5.00 Prebottled Lotion Prebottled Lotion $20.00 Little hands sunscreen Little hands sunscreen $16.00 Kealia Shampoo + Conditioner Kealia Shampoo + Conditioner $14.00 Tongs Tongs $7.50 Aloha Chopsticks Aloha Chopsticks $5.00 Prebottled Scrub Prebottled Scrub $20.00 Swedish Dish Cloth Swedish Dish Cloth $15.00 Spork Spork $5.00 Simply Soap Lip Balm Simply Soap Lip Balm $8.00 Sold out Kealia Dish Soap Bar Kealia Dish Soap Bar $16.00 Straw cleaner Straw cleaner $2.50 View All Products Track Orders Favorites Shopping Bag Gift Cards Sign In Display prices in: USD

  • Refill Station | Keep it Simple

    詰め替えステーション How it Works 自分の容器を持参し、商品の重量を量り、ラベルを付けます あなたが必要なものだけを購入。 *購入可能な瓶と再利用可能なバッグ * Jars and Reusable Bags available for purchase Refillables

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